What we learned from May/June friendlies

Mexico’s defense was stellar allowing only one goal in three friendlies (The associated press)


Mexico is coming off three straight wins from May 27th through June 3rd. With looks from new faces, and opponents, there are many lessons to take away from the past two weeks. First…

Mexico would benefit playing more European teams:

You can never go wrong playing South American teams like Brazil, Chile, Venezuela etc. but the different looks that Wales and Bosnia gave Mexico offer some interest for future match-ups. Mexico was able to beat both Wales and Bosnia, yet the two games gave Mexico many different scenarios. With Wales, weather was not a problem, and Mexico dominated possession. Mexico never looked out of any sync whatsoever. Bosnia though offered a much tougher look for Mexico. Not only were they able to play smooth in poor conditions, but also their counter did pose some threats. I believe in the near future some European exhibitions with teams like Greece, Russia, Sweden etc. can give El Tri some valuable lessons.

Names that made an impact:

You cannot look at the previous three games and wave Giovani Dos Santos off to the side. He never slacked in any performance, and he only picked up pace as the games went on. He of course shined against Brazil, adding a beautiful chipped goal. Moreover, he was a constant threat on counters which really offers hope for Mexico. When he gets more playing time for club in the future, then I think we could have a top-class Gio on our hands.

Another name that Mexico fans couldn’t help but keep an eye on was Severo Meza. He played hard-nose, gritty defense which also came with a threat on attack. Meza was responsible for Mexico’s first goal against Wales with a cross to de Nigris. To add, his marking was even more impressive as the games went on. Against Brazil, the tough task of watching both Neymar and Marcelo didn’t frighten the fresh face for Mexico. It is safe to say that Meza has definitely earned a spot, and I myself am very excited about what he has to offer.

Confidence and rhythm is now on Mexico’s side:

Friday’s match between Guyana (8:00 P.M. EST) shouldn’t be a difficult one for El Tri, but the qualification road can be. With El Salvador and Costa Rica in Mexico’s group, there is no time to slack on CONCACAF opponents. However, Mexico is establishing itself as a real force, not only in the region…but also in the world. Mexico will become even more deadly with additions like Marco Fabian, Hector Herrera, Carlos Vela, Miguel Ponce just to name a few. Mexico has more than enough talent to coast in qualification, and the past three friendlies have stamped that into the minds of the El Tri players. This is an exciting time for football…but even more to be a Mexico fan.

Vamos Mexico!

One thought on “What we learned from May/June friendlies”

  1. Really good info 🙂 and I can see Mexico golden age coming soon and we might make it all the way in the 2018 or 2022 world cup. But for now 2014 can be a good way for Mexico to show the great talent we have

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