Mexico 2, Brazil 0: Shutting down the Samba train

Giovani Dos Santos faces off against Marcelo during Mexico’s 2-0 win(MEXSPORT Photo)

With goals from Giovani Dos Santos and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, Mexico defeated Brazil 2-0 in an exhibition game at the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium on Sunday.

Brazil arrived with high confidence and a 3-1 victory over Denmark and a 4-1 against the US.

The players mentioned that games against Mexico were quickly becoming ‘Clasico’s,’ and Mexico showed why on the field.

The game started off by Brazil launching their attack. Neymar quickly tried to make his way down the field, but had a difficult time getting past Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodriguez and Severo Meza.

Although Brazil held the ball for large majorities of the game, Mexico took advantage of it during their possession.

Pablo Barrera crossed to Giovani Dos Santos from the right. Dos Santos then controlled the ball and took a looping shot the arched behind Rafael for Mexico’s 1-0 lead against Brazil in the 22nd minute.

The teams continued to fight it out in the midfield for possession of the ball.

But Juan gave Mexico a penalty in the 31st minute after a foul on Dos Santos.

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez stepped up to the spot and sent it to the right past Rafael’s fingers for a 2-0 lead against Brazil.

Jesus Corona then showed his skills for Mexico with a flying save in the 42nd minute on a shot from Oscar.

Mexico came close in the 51st minute of the game to adding a third. Jesus Zavala took a shot on a goal, and combined with Andres Guardado and Jorge Torres Nilo but they weren’t able to find the back of the net before Sandro was able to clear.

Brazil called for a penalty in the 53rd minute after Corona took down Oscar in the box. Referee Petrescu did not give the Brazilians the call and play resumed.

In the 82nd minute Severo Meza and Neymar both received yellow cards in the 82nd minute after a slight altercation on the field. While in play, the players threw out their hands at each other. As the play paused, the two confronted each other and Meza reached out to Neymar. The Brazilian then went down.


Corona, Salcido, Rodriguez, Moreno, Torres Nilo, Meza, Zavala, Guardado(Reyna 83′), Barrera(Andrade 68′), Dos Santos(De Nigris 54′), Hernandez(Lugo 77′).

Brazil: Rafael, Danilo, Juan, Thiago Silva(Uvini 68′), Marcelo, Sandro, Romulo, Oscar(Casimiro 84′), Leandro Damiao da Silva(Pato 60′), Hulk, Neymar.

Although Mexico had less possession, they managed to win and this will certainly help with confidence as they head into a World Cup qualifiers. They’ll need to work on creating clear opportunities up front. The defense, especially Severo Meza, did quite well. Meza in particular has done a good job during this US tour. Another important man to note is Jesus Corona. Tena confirmed that one of the over 23-year-old players that would be chosen for the Olympics would be a goalkeeper. He had a solid performance and certainly made a case for his spot.

Mexico will now start their World Cup qualification against Guayana on Friday.

Brazil faces Argentina in the US for an exhibition match.


8 thoughts on “Mexico 2, Brazil 0: Shutting down the Samba train”

  1. Mexicos defense today was unstoppable! They closed neymar and hulk down with ease. What a game to end the us tour. Mexico is really starting to make a name for themselves in the world of soccer.

    1. Absolutely! Mexico needed this to prove who they were, granted both teams had some players missing, a win is a win. Meza really turned it up in this game, he gave them respect but not too much. I love how Mexico is turning into something great!

  2. Torres Nilo shutsdown Hulk, Meza shutsdown Marcelo and Neymar. I am really impressed of Meza he had the most difficult task. In my opinion Mexico doesn’t function well with two forward players. I thought Hernandez was a lost case but he is showing progress in his ball control and passing, I still rather have De Nigris or if Vela returns in instead of him. Although he is still young and you got to start from somewere. Right? Este equipo se esta mirando mas fuerte cada vez que juega. VAMOS MEXICO!!!

    1. I forgot to mention Dos Santos gol was nice, I got a feeling we just witness one out of many badass goals to come from Dos Santos.

      1. One can’t watch Dos Santos and not be shocked that he performs so well despite NEVER playing at Spurs. He deserves much more…

  3. Gio needs more playing time and his bro Jona also had a great match and a really good goal. That I haven’t seen yet but can u try find it and post it please

    1. Agree! Imagine what he could do if he played on a regular basis. Check out our Mexicans Abroad posts! That’s where you’ll find the latest info and performances of the players abroad(including Jonathan)!

  4. It’s very clear who should be our goaltender (J. Corona) Ochoa looked horrible vs Bosnia. I just hope he stays out of trouble

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