Mexico U-23 Champions of Toulon Tournament

Mexico U-23 win the Toulon Tournament(Credit MEXSPORT)

Mexico are the new champions of the Tournoi Espoirs de Toulon(Toulon Tournament).

They defeated Turkey in the final, 3-0, with goals from Candido Ramirez, Hiram Mier, and Alan Pulido.

Mexico: Jose Rodríguez; Nestor Vidrio, Hiram Mier, Diego Reyes, Darvin Chávez, Jorge Enriquez, Marco Fabian, Hector Herrera (Jorge Hernandez 74′), Javier Aquino (Cesar Ibañez 78′), Candido Ramirez (Javier Cortes 60′), Raul Jimenez (Alan Pulido 65′). Manager: Luis Fernando Tena.

Turkey: Mahmut Taskiran; Furkan Seker, Kemal Tokak, Berat Cetinkaya, Bulent Cevahir, Haktan Odabasi, Necip Uysal, Salih Dursun, Emre Gural(Ferhat Kiraz 48′), Tevfik Kose, Erkan Kas. Manager: Keskin.

Mexico had a large command of the game. They quickly started the attack with a close shot from Marco Fabian in the 7th minute.

Candido Ramirez scored the first goal with an assist from Javier Aquino. Aquino sent in the ball from the right, and Ramirez sent it to the back of the net in the 26th minute.

Mexico’s captain, Hiram Mier, added the second goal in the 70th minute. Marco Fabian passed from the left for Mier to push into the goal.

Alan Pulido closed the performance with a shot in the 77th minute for the 3-0.

Several of the Mexican players walked away with individual awards as well.

Candido Ramirez won ‘Best Goal of the Tournament’ for his goal against the Netherlands.

He was also recognized as the youngest player of the tournament with 18 years and 11 months.

Hector Herrera was named the ‘Best Player of the Tournament.’

And although he did not score in this game, Marco Fabian tied Alan Shearer for the the tournament goalscoring record with 7 goals.

The Mexican U-23’s have a few more exhibition matches before the Olympics begin with yet to be confirmed opponents.

They’ll have to utilize those games to fine tune the defense. The team received 9 goals against to their 14 goals scored.


6 thoughts on “Mexico U-23 Champions of Toulon Tournament”

  1. Herrera deserved to be awarded for best player of the tournament. Just because a player is the top scorer doesn’t mean he is the best player although Fabian had an excellent tournament and I wouldn’t mind if he was awarded for best player. Know its time to go for the gold. VIVA MEXICO!!!

    1. Agree! Herrera was a beast this tournament and helped Fabian get to those goals. Just because his name wasn’t as prominent on the score sheet doesn’t mean he wasn’t influential.

  2. With out Fabian the team doesnt win the tournament. He should have won best player IMO but who cares right? Mexico won this shit! with a terrible D might I add.

    1. To defend some of Mexico’s poor play I believe there were 2 main factors…
      1) Tena was playing around with different line-ups, and rotating formation which lead to some broken rhythm.
      2) The guys really played softer than usual in group stages, as I mentioned earlier almost to avoid injury.
      With those two factor in mind I think Mexico could of beaten France pretty well in the final had then gone. Either way…Vamos Mexico!

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