Mexico 2, Bosnia 1…Mexico slides in a late victory

Giovani remained calm as he received a deflection to give Mexico an early lead (MEXSPORT)


Chicago was host to the Mexico-Bosnia friendly, and the rain caused for a crazy scene. This may have been one of the only times that Mexicans have been outnumbered while in a U.S. stadium. Nevertheless, the Bosnia fans came to support their squad, and made their presence known. Boo’s showered the Mexican attack (no pun intended), and in the 6th minute Giovani Dos Santos caught the ball off a rebound from the Bosnian keeper and put the Mexicans up 1-0. Mexico proceeded to maintain possession, but the rain caused many problems as passes overshot the forwards. In all honesty, Mexico looked like a completely different team when it came to the weather. Bosnia’s players caught the ball, pushed forward, and almost played as if rain was not even a factor. Mexico lost many possessions due to poor passing, and the Bosnian pressure. In the 28th minute, the attack for Bosnia was on point, as Dzecko found a cheeky pass which caused a one-on-one with Ochoa. Ochoa did his best to keep up with Dzecko, but slipped and the game was then equalized.

The game went into the half 1-1, and the second half kicked off very similar to the first, with exception of a goal. Mexico gained possession, pushed forward…but either lost the ball on a long pas or turned it over to the Bosnian press. It was Aldo de Nigris who seemed to put Mexico up 2-1, but was called offside (debatably to add). The match became a bit stale up to the 80th minute, with exception of a few scrums between Barrera and Bosnian defenders. Chicharito tried to make an impact on a few plays, but Bosnia snuffed out any major opportunities. As the game looked to end 1-1, a major slip-up by Bosnia gave Mexico its last chance. A Bosnian defender looked to clear the ball, but it trickled toward Chicharito…and Chicharito being the opportunist that he is, gave Mexico the 2-1 victory.

Overall, I can never complain when El Tri walks away with a victory. Confidence is still high, but one major variable to address is the poor playing due to weather. Mexico finished with 63% possession, but it did not mean they played most efficient. As mentioned, it was persistance and capitalization by some of Mexico’s players to credit the victory. Up next for Mexico is none other than Brazil. Brazil is coming off a big victory against the USA with a final of 4-1. Although Brazil did dominate the mach, the USA had many chances to equalize when it was 2-1 in the second. If Mexico can maintain good possession, and confidence…they could receive a positive result. Weather should not be a factor as it will be played at Dallas Cowboys stadium (which is always good). The match will start at 3:00 P.M. Eastern on Sunday, June 3rd.

*Interesting note: Chicharito’s game winner was his 24th goal for Mexico just hours before his 24th birthday. Happy Birthday Chicharito!

Vamos Mexico!

4 thoughts on “Mexico 2, Bosnia 1…Mexico slides in a late victory”

  1. Leading up to the second gol was funny and the next game Mexico should leave Torres Nilo on the field and switch Ayala for Moreno not that I think Ayala is not good is just that I rather have Moreno go up againts Hulk then Hugo.

    1. yes, i have much more confidence with moreno as oppose to ayala. i am kinda unsure of marquez, just because he has become unpredictable…

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