Why Mexico’s Olympic hopes are still solid

After a great season in La Liga, Vela has attracted major attention (CBC)


With recent news that Mexican stars Carlos Vela and Chicharito will be missing the 2012 Olympic games, for both club and personal reasons, many speculate that Mexico has had a major hit to its Olympic dream. As many fans (like myself) at first were a bit frustrated that Mexico got slated again. First with Vela being blocked by Arsenal to join the Copa America squad, then the fact the Copa America squad was handicapped to a U-22 roster. I saw deja vu all over again with the Olympics, yet as the hysteria died down, I broke down a list of reasons why Mexico’s dream of medaling at the Olympics are still very high.

1-Big names will still join the Olympic squad

Although Chicharito and Vela would have given Mexico a major boost, that isn’t to say great players are not on their way. Giovani Dos Santos and brother Jona are still very high possibilities of making the roster, and they won’t claim any overage spots as the are both 23 and younger. Other guys who have helped El Tri before like Aldo de Nigris, Oribe Peralta, or even Guardado (of course we will have to wait to see who is called) can add experience to the Olympic lineup. For Mexico fans there should still be a positive outlook for London.

2-Major chemistry has been established

With an undefeated run at the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying, Mexico has already built a squad that has trust in each other. Many players such as Ponce, Fabian, Herrera, and Pulido will be able to head into the Olympics and not skip a beat. In addition this tournament can give Pulido and others a opportunity to grow and possibly solidify a signing with a Euro club very soon.

3-Mexico is still a top team in the Olympic tournament 

No team should be taken for granted…that is a given. Yet when looking at Mexico’s group, they should absolutely get though fairly well. Doing so can build major confidence, and give momentum to a very talented squad. The chances are there for Mexico, and I believe that we will still see Mexico perform at a high caliber.


Fear not El Tri fans, as the dream is still on. Talent will be loading up the Olympic lineup for London. As we look at Vela and Chicharito’s situation, I can’t complain to say the least. This was a huge season for Vela at Real Sociedad, and is a perfect time for him to make a big move. For Chicharito, he has been 110% since the 2010 World cup without a doubt…the guy needs some rest. In positive light, Chicharito will still make the friendlies with Mexico, along with the World cup qualifying games this summer. Even though it feels like it has been 3 years since Vela has been on a Mexico roster, he will surely return. All in all hope is still strong El Tri friends…Vamos Mexico!


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