Chicharito, Vela out; Preliminary Olympic list

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and Carlos Vela will not represent Mexico in London this summer during the Olympics.

Manchester United’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, had previously given away Hernandez’s inclusion in the Mexican squad. However, there seemed to be a change of heart as Mexican management said in a press conference that Hernandez did not have permission to attend the Olympics.

If Hernandez had been chosen to represent Mexico at the Olympics, he would have counted as one of the three allowed overage players. Hernandez, born June 23, 1988, would have been 24-years-old at the tournament.

“Carlos Vela asked for a personal and professional exception to not be called to any of the national teams. With Hector Moreno, Giovani Dos Santos, and Jonathan Dos Santos there should be no problem to call them up. Alex Ferguson denied Javier Hernandez’s participation in the Olympic games,” said director of the national teams Hector Gonzalez Iñarritu at a press conference.

Before the Olympics Mexico will play in a tournament in the Toulon Tournament. The list was given at the press conference as well. The players that will participate in the tournament are as follows:

Liborio Sanchez
Jose Antonio Rodríguez
Jorge Enriquez
Marco Fabian
Miguel Ponce
Hugo Isaac Rodriguez
Hiram Mier
Darvin Chavez
Diego Reyes
Raul Jimenez
Nestor Vidrio
Hector Herrera
Nestor Araujo
Javier Aquino
Jorge Hernandez
Javier Cortes
Nestor Calderon
Candido Ramírez
Jeronimo Amione
Alan Pulido

Israel Jimenez, Erick ‘Cubo’ Torres, and David Cabrera(injured during the tournament) were cut after the performance with the Mexican team during the qualification process.


11 thoughts on “Chicharito, Vela out; Preliminary Olympic list”

  1. I didn’t know Israel Jimenez was injured, how long is he going to be out. The good thing we got Nestor Araujo to cover for him and I wonder why Vela doesn’t want to play with th national team.

    1. I don’t think Jimenez is injured, he was just cut. Cabrera is the one that was injured during the tournament and knew at that time that he wouldn’t recover in time for the Olympics.

      1. I misunderstood that part. Thanks for clearing that up. Just when I was starting to applaud Tena’s work he cuts Jimenez.

  2. I dont see why ferguson wont let hernandez go if his been on the bench for united for sometime until the swansea city game, hernandez could use the games in the olympics. For more playing time. As for vela, his just being arrogant

  3. I agree with ferguson about hernandez he needs some rest. but vela should play but he say he needs to find a new club first before playing with el tri

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