An exciting summer awaits El Tri

Mexico is going to have another summer to impress (Getty)


2011 gave us Mexico fans a lot to rave about. We saw a dominant Mexico in friendlies, the U-20 won the CONCACAF World cup qualifying tournament and claimed 3rd at the U-20 World cup. Mexico won the Gold cup in an amazing fashion against the USA, and then the U-17 won the U-17 World cup. To wrap it up, Mexico U-23 won gold at the Pan-American games. Yet the fun won’t end there for Mexico as the menu for summer is one that will get any Mexico fan excited.

-Brazil friendly in June

Mexico will look to get a bit of revenge against Brazil this time in Dallas, Texas. The friendly should not only be a good test, but will give some of the players going to the Olympics a chance to showcase some of their talents on the senior squad. Hopefully Mexico is able to capitalize on their opportunities, because if they can, Mexico could walk away with a favorable result.

-2012 London Olympics

After blasting past CONCACAF opponents in qualifying, Mexico has a opportunity to show that they can medal in London. With the news that Chicharito will be joining the Olympic squad, fans can only ponder the possibilities with some of the other already outstanding players on the U-23 team. If Chicharito is joined by the likes of Moreno and Ochoa, Mexico could be a very dangerous team at the Olympics.

-Azteca showdown in August

Mexico will be hosting the USMNT in Mexico City this August, which will be an appetizer for their clash in World cup qualifying. Mexico has never been beaten in Azteca against their greatest foes, which could add some pressure to this game. However, if history tells us anything, it is that Mexico performs at Azteca. It should be a great rivalry match as Mexico will look to continue their reign as CONCACAF leaders.

7 thoughts on “An exciting summer awaits El Tri”

  1. Does this mean Pulido is not going to the Olympic? I was looking forward on watching him play at the Olympics. In that case I want to see Vela and Dos Santos on the Tena’s roster as well.

    1. It doesn’t mean anything for Pulido, he has already earned a spot on the team. The players who won’t go are the ones who simply didn’t perform. If Vela goes it just makes Mexico that much stronger, and it looks like he could be on his way to joining.

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