Finding success abroad

Vela has been a major success in Spain (Vanguardia)


The past past year has shown a major mix for Mexicans abroad, some finding time and rhythm…and some seemed to completely disappear. For the following El tri players, we shall breakdown if they should stay, go, or any other options.

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (Manchester United): This is a no brainer…he has had great success at the big time club. Although he has had a tough time finding some minutes at the end of this season Javier has still has claimed 12 goals with United (this is including several minor injuries). I see Chicharito finding his confidence this summer, and will return to his great form.

Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad): He has been the guy to watch abroad if you are a Mexico fan. With 11 goals, and 8 assists at Real Sociedad, Vela has been playing his best game for a while now. I think it would be great if he stays at Sociedad, but rumor has it that Málaga might have some interest in him. Either way he should be in great shape.

Pablo Barrera (Real Zaragoza): Pablo was a real success last summer with Mexico, and joining with Real Zaragoza seemed to be a great fit, but Barrera only claimed one goal and has yet to find many minutes with the squad. I think Barrera needs to possibly look at a different league maybe Portugal, or the Netherlands…either way he needs to get back into his old form because he can still be very dangerous for Mexico.

Efrain Juarez (Celtic): Joining Barrera at Zaragoza looked to be a good idea, but Juarez completely fell off the map during the season with Real Zaragoza. He was released from the squad and is now with Celtic, but does not play. I honestly believe if he can find interest to play anywhere, he should take it. As of right now it looks as El tri is already trying to replace his name on the roster.

Giovani Dos Santos (Tottenham): If there is one guy who whose club makes us cringe it is Giovani at Spurs. The guy has immense athletic ability, and talent but we rarely see him on the bench at Tottenham. I would really like to see him make a signing in Spain, or even Italy. Yet to be honest, I think we all want to see Gio making the pitch regularly somewhere, because it seems he is wasting away in England.

Hector Moreno (Espanyol): Hector has been a hit at Espanyol, and he has even caught the attention of Real Madrid. Although nothing has been done between Moreno and Madrid, it is still exciting to see him get recognition. I think where he is at right now at Espanyol is a great fit, but if he gets a chance at a big time club I hope he goes.

Andres Guardado (Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña): Andres has been playing great at Deportivo, yet unfortunately they fell to second division this season. Guardado has confirmed it would be his last season with Deportivo, which followed by rumors he would sign with Valencia. If true, I believe it would be a great fit. I feel Guardado would continue to be successful in Spain.


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