Mexican youngsters continue to impress

Bueno has been having a lot of succes with Pachuca and Liverpool is taking notice (El Universal)


If you are a Mexico fan, you have been keeping an extra eye on young players since 2005. The youth is growing in talent, and will continue to keep Mexico fans hopeful for the future. That being said, there has been a lot of news made by many of the young players.

  • From the 2011 U-17 squad Carlos Fierro has been able to capture playing time at Chivas Guadalajara, and even added a goal during the Copa Libertadores. Although he has only added one goal to his name, he continues to earn more minutes with Chivas. His teammate, Giovani Casillas who excelled last summer in the U-17 World cup, has also seen the pitch more and more with Chivas.
  • Richard Sanchez had a successful trial with FC Chelsea. In addition, He also has made it clear he is intending to continue with El tri (he has dual-citizenship with the U.S. and Mexico).
  • Hector Herrera helped Mexico claim the CONCACAF U-23 title this spring. Since then, he has caught the eye of Liverpool. A future signing may be coming along for the young Pachuca midfielder.
  • If Herrera is able to sign with Liverpool, he may be joining them with another Mexican (and Pachuca star) in Marco Bueno. Bueno has been one of the most successful players from the 2011 U-17 squad. Just this past weekend he scored his fourth goal with Pachuca.

The future continues to look bright for the young El tri stars. With major clubs taking interest, this could be a very interesting summer/fall for many players.

2 thoughts on “Mexican youngsters continue to impress”

  1. Chivas needs an experienced striker to help with the young ones. it would go a long way i think in th development of Fiero and especially el cubo.

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