Mexico’s 3rd round qualifying group

Gio will look to lead El tri to a successful qualification campaign (ESPN)


Now that the Olympic qualification has settled down and Mexico gets to relax a bit, I thought this would be a great time to go over this summer/autumn qualification for the 2014 World cup.

It feels like yesterday when Mexico was blowing out Belize in 2008, but four years later, we are back to that time in qualifying. Mexico has a very interesting group to say the least. Guyana, Costa Rica, and El Salvador will be Mexico’s foes this summer and fall. Here is what the schedule looks like…

June 8th: Mexico vs Guyana (in Mexico)

June 12th:  El Salvador vs Mexico (in El Salvador)

September 7th: Costa Rica vs Mexico (in Costa Rica)

September 11th: Mexico vs Costa Rica (in Mexico)

October 12th: Guyana vs Mexico (in Guyana)

October 16th: Mexico vs El Salvador (in Mexico)

I think Mexico should be able to roll through the group, at least at home. The biggest obstacles I believe are on the road at Costa Rica, and El Salvador. Hopefully El tri will be up to the challenge, because before we know it 2013 is going to be knocking at our door…which means no room for slip-ups.


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