Mexico U-23 3, Canada U-23 1

Fabian was the top-player against Canada scoring the first goal for Mexico (Selección Nacional de México)


It was a “win or go home” scenario for Mexico in the semi-finals of CONCACAF Olympic qualifying. Canada came into the game as a dark horse after beating tournament favorites USA 2-0. Mexico seemed a bit shaky in the first ten minuets. Canada had some good opportunities, but luckily for Mexico nothing materialized. It was Alan Pulido early with a golden opportunity, but an awkward bounce caused Pulido to completely miss the ball. Though the momentum had been building for Mexico up to that point. In the 19th minute, Pulido received the ball, kicked back to Herrera who gave a beautiful go ahead pass to Marco Fabian. With ease, Fabian made it 1-0. Canada was able to send in a header for the equalizer…but just 45 seconds later Pulido put Mexico back on top. Mexico would dominate possession and sealed the victory with a final of 3-1.

Coming into the game I made some keys to victory: 1) No major changes needed on defense 2) Avoid the stale possession 3) Fabian will be the go to player. All three were met, and Mexico soared throughout the game against Canada. I did say Canada would be a tough team to read, and although Mexico played stellar, Canada should not hang their heads. Mexico came out with aggression, and confidence and in football that is a major aspect for winning teams. Mexico now has a match-up with Honduras (again). Though the final should be somewhat like the Panama game, because both sides are clear for London 2012. Great tournament for Mexico so far…let’s see if they can capitalize this summer. Viva Mexico!



3 thoughts on “Mexico U-23 3, Canada U-23 1”

  1. Good game and great read! I really hope mex doesnt play this next game vs honduras like they did against panama! i know we are qualified for the olympics, but that doesnt mean we just give no effort during the final. NO MERCY!!! haha.

    1. I think Mexico should be able to win even with a semi-reserve squad like against Panama. It seems like Honduras plays a bit up and down, and knowing Mexico was dominant in game 1 could throw them a bit off. Either way, London here we come!

      1. I dont know about that… getting too confident just because we won the previous game could lead to an upset. I know the odds are in our favor ( previous 3-0 win for Mex and Honduras just came off a 120min overtime game which would mean we are much more rested.) Like i said before, the players need to give it their all… no games until june-ish and even then some players are going to be left off the squad in order for some over-23 players can come in.

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