Mexicans we are ready to see in Europe

Javier Cortes is one player many believe is ready for a Euro move (Mediotiempo)


It is no secret that Mexicans have been scouted more than ever since the 2010 World cup. After the tournament we saw Barrera, Juarez, Ochoa, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez etc. find a spot in Europe. Although mixed fortunes have been the norms for the Mexicans abroad, the recent success in youth tournaments have scouts keeping eye on some players. Here are a few names fans are dying to see make the trip overseas…

1) Marco Fabian

The Chivas Guadalajara star really picked up attention in the summer of 2011. With helping Mexico (U-22) defeat Ecuador in a friendly, (a team Mexico regularly struggles with) Marco had fans excited for the Copa America. Unfortunately for Marco, disciplinary actions hindered what could have been a great cup for Mexico. He was able to make a quick comeback against Barcelona, helping Chivas defeat the Spanish powerhouse 4-1, scoring two. Ever since, Marco has been the top player fans want to see landed somewhere in Europe.

2) Alan Pulido

The U-20 CONCACF tournament is where Pulido got some attention from the fans, and he has since added a lot to his resume. Scoring in the FMF championship game against Santos Laguna, and scoring two goals in the Copa Libertadores, Alan has really built a lot of confidence. Of course, the past week or so Alan has made his case official. He has scored four goals in two games with the U-23 Olympic squad, and rumors of Manchester United scouting him seem to be justified. If Alan can add a few more to his name in the tournament (or Olympics), I can guarantee Alan will be Europe bound.

3) Javier Cortes

He had one of the best goals of the year in 2011, helping Pumas claim its 7th championship. He, as Fabian, also had a decent run in the warm-ups before Copa America (yet was dismissed with others). He has been a great addition with the U-23 squad, and I truly believe with some experience in Europe he can be great. Maybe a shot in Portugal, or France would be a good fit for Javier.

[Others to keep an eye on: Jorge Enriquez, Javier Aquino, Miguel Ponce, Nestor Calderon, Marco Bueno, Richard Sanchez, Erick ‘Cubo’ Torres, Carlos Fierro]

Of course, many young players in Mexico right now have captured the attention of the European clubs. I believe the mentioned three players will be the ones to kick off the trend. I hope this happens sometime soon, because with two major cups coming up…Mexico surely could use the confidence a European experience can offer.



12 thoughts on “Mexicans we are ready to see in Europe”

  1. Pretty confident Pulido will get somewhere, hes got the build for EPL! still young though… also quite sure Richard Sanchez was training with chelsea recently, dont know if hes signed though.

  2. Lets say manchester united gets Pulido. Whats going to happen with Hernandez? Pulido looks more promising, and not only a one dimensional player.

    1. Well he is very promising, but still very young. It would take may 2 seasons for him to make an impact as Hernandez did (in my opinion). Either way, if there are Mexicans competing in Europe, I feel it only will make the National team better.

  3. ‘Cubo’ Torres is that a joke that dude is FUCKING terrible no offence but kid has no skills if u put cubo there well lets go ahead and put Raul Jimenez there and candido Ramirez which those two are way more skill wise and have a better understanding of the game ….

    1. This article was posted almost a year ago. We didn’t even know much about Candido until the Toulon tournament. As of now, of course Candido and Raul are more likely to move to a Euro club.

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