Mexico U-23 1, Panama U-23 0

Erick 'Cubo' Torres celebrates his injury time goal against Panama(Mexsport).

With a last minute goal from Erick ‘Cubo’ Torres against Panama, Mexico maintained their perfect record in the group stage of olympic qualifying.

Mexico will face Canada on Saturday in the semifinals of the CONCACAF tournament to determine who gets a ticket to the London 2012 Olympics.

Liborio Sanchez was kept busy in the first half, cutting off advances from Panama and making a few saves.

The second half continued to look as if the game would end in a draw. Mexico had a ticket to the semifinals and shook up the line-up.

When a draw looked unavoidable, Javier Cortes passed from the left of the field to Jeronimo Amione on the right. Amione then brought down the ball for Torres who slotted it past Luis Mejia for the injury time win.

Mexico XI: Sanchez; Araujo, Ponce, Cortes, Rodriguez, Cabrera, Reyes, Enriquez(c), Amione, Aquino, Torres.
Subs: Chavez, Jimenez, Fabian

Panama XI: Mejia; Algandona, Cummings, Rodriguez, Waithe, Sanchez, Miller, Cadeño, Glaize, Asprilla, Godoy.
Subs: Davis, de Garcia


2 thoughts on “Mexico U-23 1, Panama U-23 0”

    1. He has his on/off days with Chivas too. There are a couple of FB pages with a “Todo es culpa del Cubo(Everything is Cubo’s fault)” dedication. He’s had a couple of diving incidents lately as well, so it’s diminished his popularity.

      He’s still young so he’ll be a good player to follow in the next years.

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