Alan Pulido scored for Mexico vs. Honduras (Mediotiempo Image)

Mexico U-23 3, Honduras U-23 0

Alan Pulido scored for Mexico vs. Honduras (Mediotiempo Image)
Alan Pulido scored for Mexico vs. Honduras(Mediotiempo Image)

Under a rainy facade, Mexico defeated Honduras during the 2012 Olympic qualification.

Alan Pulido opened Mexico’s lead in the 12th minute. Javier Aquino had initially sent in a poor shot, but Pulido managed to convert it into a low shot that rolled past Jose Mendoza for the 1-0.

Mexico had little to worry about for the next minutes.

In the 39th minutes, Mexico doubled their lead with a second goal from Pulido. The player took a shot from outside the box, and sent it past a flying Mendoza to double the tally.

Pulido achieved a hat trick a few moments after the kick-off for the second half. Aquino ran down the right and passed to Pulido in the center, who then pushed to the back of the net for the 3-0 lead.

Line Ups:

MexicoSanchez; Jiménez, Mier, Reyes, Chavez; Herrera, Cabrera; Aquino, Ponce; Fabian, Pulido.

Honduras: Mendoza, Alvarado, Leveron, Colon, Crisanto, Peralta, Mejia, Martinez, Lopez, Hernandez, Quioto

Mexico’s next game is Tuesday, March 27th at 22:30 EST against Panama. This will be the last group game of the tournament, and if they remain in the lead they will face Group A’s second place. Who are their possible rivals?  El Salvador, Canada, or the US.


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