A Mexican Futbol Revolution: What needs to be done to return to top form?

Mexican fans are eyeing a bright future (Foxsports)


Hello El tri fans! My name is Bryan and I will be one of the new co-writers here at Tri Report. I wrote this article last year on my blog (thefutbolblog.wordpress.com), but I believe it is a better fit on this site. So here is an updated version. In addition, I don’t see a better way to kick off the Tri Report than to talk about Mexico’s future.

As a Mexico fan I’ve seen some great games…and I’ve seen some terrible games. As of late Mexico has been playing well, and for fans, the future can will be bright. Yet what are some things that need to be done to see the Mexico of old…or even better?

Time to start moving on from some veteran players:

There are some veterans that should have seen their last game. I do believe players like Torrado, Sinha, Dueñas, Maza etc need to stop getting the call up from ‘El tri.’ Don’t get me wrong, they have talent, and have some time to play. However if Mexico wants to start seeing progress going into 2014, they need to give exposure to the younger generations.

Scheduling new teams is a must:

 Mexico needs to see some different countries added to its schedule (examples; Greece, Russia, Portugal, England). I would like to see teams that we don’t usually play earlier on, and not 2 months before the world cup. I like playing Paraguay, Chile etc, but we need more variety.

Chicharito has become a futbol sensation not only in Mexico but in England with Manchester United (Goal)


Utilize Chicharito, don’t abuse him:

He is by far the go to striker, and he’s only getting better. He has hands down the best positioning skill on the team right now. Mexico does well of using Javier, but at times he’s overdone. He will get too many looks down the stretch, and defenses pick up on it. Mexico has a great attack, and when they use it to their advantage, they are hard to defend.

Stay away from a 2010 World cup coaching style:

The road to 2014 is a long one and the last thing Mexico needs is another flop at manager. We don’t need a manager who thinks he has all the answers. If something were to happen like Aguirre…push the panic button, because the last thing I want to see is another round of 16 debacle. I still have nightmares about seeing Guardado, Barrera, Chicharito, and Ochoa/Michel on the bench during the most important tournament in the world.

Simply put…use the talent!

Mexico has a huge group of youth talent on the rise. The U-17 team that went undefeated last season in the World cup, the U-20 claimed 3rd at the World cup, and there are a myriad of names coming up from Mexico…and European scouts are recognizing this. So if someone looks like they aren’t in top form (especially a veteran as mentioned)…there is another great talent next in line.

Conclusion: Mexico has the tools, youth, talent, and direction it needs to become a success. I hope that ‘El Chepo’ and crew continue where they left off in 2011, and make the right choices. I believe with the right mindset, another 1999 type team could be right around the corner…or possibly even better.

2 thoughts on “A Mexican Futbol Revolution: What needs to be done to return to top form?”

  1. Hernandez is a great striker but thats about it, when mexico’s midfielders arn’t playing well De La Torres should take him out because it seems that they’re only playing with nine players, besides the goly.

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